Premium wood shavings as optimal bedding

The wood shavings are soft and pliable, so they won’t break under horses’ hard hooves. They are also highly elastic, which protects sensitive ligaments, tendons and joints. In addition, the bedding is highly absorbent, so that the wood shavings always ensure extremely high hygiene in the stable.

  • Highly elastic
  • 100% natural – no chemicals
  • Shavings don’t stick together
  • Recommended for preventing equine respiratory disorders and allergies


Raw material: pure, untreated spruce
Packaging: 18-23 kg bales
Amount of fresh bedding in a 12m² stall: 3-4 bales (depending on package size)
Consumption per horse in a 12m² stall: 1-2 bales per week
Quantity per euro pallet: 21-27 bales

Container: 760 bales / container (handloading or on pallet)


Also suitable for

• Allergy
• Respiratory problems
• COB (chronic obstructive bronchitis)
• Diarrhoea/colic
• Laminitis


Wood shavings are mainly supplied in our trusted 23 kg bales. However, in addition to this classic bale, we also 20 kg bales and compact 18 kg bales. We stack and deliver our wood shaving bedding on euro pallets. In addition, we stretch wrap the bales on each pallet and provide the pallet with a protective cover. This ensures that the wood shavings are kept safe and protected from the weather. The bales are double protected by this special packaging and can be stored outside without any problems.