Peer-Span – 100% natural for the highest quality and purity

Peer-Span - we love horses

Since 2000, we have been realising the idea of supplying horse lovers with a wide variety of bedding products such as wood shavings, pellets and many other bedding products in accordance with the highest ecological standards for their stables. The commitment to personal service, individual advice and flexibility has made Peer-Span one of the market leaders in Germany.

Near-natural forests carefully managed

High quality - for all wishes and requirements

In the meantime, an idea has grown into a product range of more than 15 products that offers the right bedding for all horses and horse owners. From bedding for horses that have special needs when furnishing their stables due to allergies to environmentally friendly fuels, everything is included. Our claim: All Peer-Span products are made of 100% natural materials.

Our products are kind to your horses - and to nature

Peer-Span products are guaranteed to be naturally pure. They do not contain any undesirable ingredients such as chemicals or fungal spores. The wood for our shavings, wood pellets and granules, is used holistically and processed directly on site in Scandinavia without long transport routes. Thus, our products not only protect the ligaments and joints of the horses in their stables, but with this purity we also contribute to the preservation of our environment.


Our high quality standards in production continue right through to the environmentally friendly disposal of packaging. The outer packaging of the bales can be disposed of properly via the yellow bag.


Before using our products, they can also be stored outdoors without any problems. Well protected from the weather by the packaging, you do not need any special premises for the storage of Peer-Span products.

What you can expect from Peer-Span: Quality - Service - Speed

In everything we do, we follow our goals. We want to help you find the right bedding as quickly as possible.

Our own fleet of vehicles gives us the opportunity to be even more flexible and to react to your needs. When you order something from Peer-Span, we deliver it with our own trucks or via experienced transport companies. We always deliver quickly, professionally and conveniently for you. To ensure that this happens smoothly, we organise the necessary support with forklift trucks, for example. This will save you time and spare your nerves.

We have always felt very attached to horses. That is why we promote equestrian sports, especially at small and medium-sized tournaments. In this way, we reach a large number of horse people throughout the country.

Good to have you here!

Because we love horses, we invest a lot of energy in always supporting the animals and you in the best possible way. Should you miss something with us or have a question for us, we look forward to hearing from you. On our website you will find a lot of information about the special features of our products and about our company. If you would like to meet us in person, you will have the opportunity to do so at one of the many events at which we are represented. You can also find out when and where we can be found on our website.