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» Horses are close to every horse owners' heart, which is why I only use PEER SPAN bedding for all my horses. «

Andreas Helgstrand

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Welcome to PEER-SPAN – A quality product!

The first choice for Olympic, World and European champions

Peer-Span GmbH has been producing bedding for horse stalls according to highest ecological requirements for more than 16 years. The commitment to high quality and purity of the products has made Peer-Span the market leader in Germany.


Peer-Span bedding shavings, granulates, pellets and showground shavings: Olympic, World and European champions as well as renowned jumping and dressage stallions recover from training and competition on Peer-Span like no other. International jumping and dressage stables, such as the Luther stable or  Andreas Helgstrand stable, as well as the Holsteiner Verband with its world-famous stallions rely on Peer-Span. Can there be a better recommendation?      


New: InsectoStop®

Peer-Span’s InsectoStop® with its high concentration of Margosa extract repels insects from the stable up to four weeks without killing them. The concentrate is diluted with lukewarm water, evenly sprayed around the horse stalls and is bio-degradable.