Wood pellet horse bedding

Our horse pellets are highly absorbent. Particularly low in germs, dust-reduced and heat-treated, horse pellets are also suitable for horses with bronchitis and allergies (see recommendations for use). They also prevent allergies and respiratory disease. The bed provides very good cushioning under foot, and is therefore gentle on joints and ligaments.


  •     Reduced manure volume
  •     Composts quickly
  •     Easy handling


Raw material: pure softwood
Packaging: 15 kg bag
Amount of fresh bedding in a 12m² stall: approx. 1 bag per m² of floor space
Consumption per horse in a 12m² stall: 1-2 bags per week
Quantity per euro/one-way pallet: 70 bags


Also suitable for

• Allergy
• Respiratory problems
• COB (chronic obstructive bronchitis)
• Diarrhoea/colic
• Laminitis



Horse pellets are mainly supplied in 15 kg bags. We recommend storing the pellet pallets in roofed-over areas or additionally covering them with a dark tarpaulin if kept outdoors.