CABOTIV premium bedding supplement (activated biochar)

CABOTIV is biochar colonised with bioactive EMIKO micro-organisms and has a positive effect on the micro-flora in stables. CABOTIV also improves the quality of liquid and solid manure. CABOTIV has a triple effect: as stable bedding it eliminates odours, inhibits negative micro-organisms, and liquid and solid manure release less ammonia. Depending on the method of disposal, the manure also becomes more valuable.


  • Effectively absorbs liquids and neutralises bacteria and ammonia emissions
  • Reduces unpleasant odours in stables
  • Protects skin, limbs and respiratory tracts

Instructions for use

As stable litter:
For chickens: 5-10g per animal/day
For horses: 150g per animal/application *
For cows: Scatter 200g per animal/day in the barn (50g for calves)
For pigs: 120g per animal/day (500 to 1000g for piglet litters)

Peer-Span CABOTIV is not certified as a feed additive.


Peer-Span CABOTIV 3.5kg tub
Peer-Span CABOTIV 1.0kg tub
Peer-Span CABOTIV in bulk bag on request