Special bales for the most exacting bedding volume requirements paired with good moisture absorption

A real alternative to our trusted wood shavings. Thanks to the very large flakes, this bedding has a very high volume with good moisture absorption. The shavings are almost entirely germ- and dust-free, are cleaned and sieved to remove the finest particles, and are therefore highly suitable for dust-sensitive horses.

  •     For dust-sensitive horses
  •     100% natural – no chemicals
  •     Worry-free outdoor storage


Raw material: untreated fir, spruce, small amounts of pine
Packaging: 16 -18 kg bales
Amount of fresh bedding in a 12m² stall: 3-4 bales
Consumption per horse in a 12m² stall: 1-2 bales per week
Quantity per euro pallet: 27 bales

Container: 760 bales / container (handloading or on pallet)


Also suitable for

• Allergy
• Respiratory problems
• COB (chronic obstructive bronchitis)
• Diarrhoea/colic
• Laminitis


XXL wood shavings are supplied in compact 16,5 kg or 18 kg bales. All pallets are provided with a protective cover and are also secured and packed with stretch film so that they can be stored outdoors. This ensures that the XXL wood shavings are kept safe and protected from the weather.