Granulate bedding

Wood granulate describes dried softwood timber that has been finely milled with a hammer mill and filtered to extract dust particles. This coarse, granular bedding is comparable to sawdust. The granules have excellent absorbency and are free of harmful germs. Horse droppings can be easily mucked out and removed from the stall without major loss of material. Wood granulate is ideal for stalls equipped with rubber mats. 

  •     For dust-sensitive horses
  •     Composts very quickly
  •     Worry-free outdoor storage

Also suitable for

• Allergy
• Respiratory problems
• COB (chronic obstructive bronchitis)
• Diarrhoea/colic
• Laminitis


Raw material: untreated softwood
Packaging: 18 kg bales
Amount of fresh bedding in a 12m² stall: 5-6 bales
Consumption per horse in a 12m² stall: 1-2 bales per week
Quantity per euro pallet: 33 bales



Granulate bedding is mainly supplied in compact 18 kg bales.