Our Peer-Span products

We source our high-quality raw materials from the forests of Sweden, where they are also directly processed. Peer-Span products are guaranteed to be natural and do not contain any undesirable substances such as chemicals or fungal spores.

Wood shavings

Our wood shavings differ mainly in terms of the blending ratio and flake size. In addition, our wood shaving products are also available in different formats (kg). Find the right product:

Bedding alternatives

As an alternative to wood shavings, we also have other products in our range that give top priority to animal welfare. Whether you’re looking for timber- or straw-based bedding, you’re sure to find the right product:

Bedding additives

Our activated biochar has a positive effect on the climate in stables. Peer-Span Cabotiv neutralises bacteria and reduces unpleasant odours. Learn more about our Peer-Span Cabotiv bedding additive:


We replace crude oil with renewable raw materials. These have many ecological and economic advantages over coal, gas and heating oil. Our special relationship to wood is also evident in our fuels. Find the right product: