Blanda - the new alternative for your stable

Coarser or finer? What do you want your bedding to be? Peer-Span makes the decision easy for you and has combined the advantages of different bedding variants: in Blanda, our new bedding. The properties in a nutshell: Blanda consists of wood shavings, which are slightly coarser than our "classic". On the other hand, the fine content is higher than in the Volume variant. And this with a significantly smaller bale weight compared to the conventional planing shavings of only 18 kg instead of 23-25 kg.


  • for dust sensitive horses
  • 100% natural - no chemicals
  • problem-free outdoor storage



Raw material: untreated fir, spruce, in small quantities pine.
Packing: 18kg bales
Amount of initial bedding in a 12m² box: 3-4 bales
Consumption per horse in a 12m² box: 1-2 bales per week
Quantity per Europal.: 27 bales

Also suitable for

• Allergy
• Respiratory problems
• COB (chronic obstructive bronchitis)
• Diarrhoea/colic
• Laminitis


In practical 18kg bales on euro exchange pallets. We stretch the bales on the pallet and provide the pallets with a hooded roof. So the safe and weather-protected stand is guaranteed. The bales are double protected and can be stored outside without any problems. Due to the lower weight they are much easier to handle.