The Peer-Span company

The Peer-Span company was founded in the year 2000 by Malte Graf, Thies and Christiane Luther. It was Peter Luther who had noted the lack of good quality wood shavings and corresponding services in the market. Our close relations with Sweden enabled a planing mill to be found there which met our quality requirements. After some modernisation work, the wood shavings production was able to be started. To this day, wood shavings are produced there from pure spruce.

As a tradition-conscious medium-sized company, we highly value our close connections to Schleswig-Holstein – a region synonymous with horses. We are very keen on promoting equestrian sports, which is why we actively sponsor sporting events all over Germany. We mainly support small- and medium-sized tournaments, as these provide the bedrock for our sport!

Since the company was founded, our guiding principles can be described in three words:
Quality – Service – Speed

Our company’s consistent growth proves that not only we but also our customers are convinced by this core philosophy. At PEER-SPAN, cultivating close and personal customer relations is far more than a mere marketing concept – it’s something we embrace every day. And last but not least, we take special pride in our very low staff turnover, which in our opinion provides one of the fundamental cornerstones in ensuring not just our customers’ trust but also our effectiveness as a company.

We invite you to watch our film “A journey to the origins”. A film that gives an insight into our philosophy and our production.