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 » We always recommend our customers use only high-quality and especially pure beddings, which is exactly what PEER-SPAN wood shavings provide. «

Dr. Jahn, Bargteheide Horse Clinic, Germany

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Peer-Span – Premium Wood Shaving

A soft, slightly damp wood shaving, offering support for joints, ligaments and tendons, which does not become flattened or compressed under the horses hooves and body. It is highly absorbent, reducing urine, and ensures a more hygienic stable by eliminating the source of bacteria.

Peer-Span Wood shavings are 100% natural, and do not contain any harmful chemicals. Peer-Span's wood shaving bails are produced on European exchange pallets, which have been carefully packaged to guarantee the bails are water proof. Peer-Span bails therefor can be stored outside completely protected from the elements.

Our various manufacturing facilities can also custom manufacture shaving sizes for each individual need. Enquire for more information.

  • Offers physical support
  • 100% natural, no chemicals
  • Cleaner and lasts longer
  • Does not become flattened or compressed
  • Carefully water proofed packaging for out door storage
  • Recommended for the prevention of equine respiratory disorders and allergies


  • 25kg Bail (Classic Size)
  • 23kg Bail
  • 20 kg Bail

We also offer the following Wood Shaving products for agricultural use:

  • 25kg Fine Grade Bails – Suitable for cattle and pigs.
  • 19kg Powdered Bails – Suitable for pigs