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 » We always recommend our customers use only high-quality and especially pure beddings, which is exactly what PEER-SPAN wood shavings provide. «

Dr. Jahn, Bargteheide Horse Clinic, Germany

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Rapeseed Straw

Produced from dust-free rapeseed straw. If used outside, rapeseed straw will break down within 8 to 10 weeks.

Rapeseed straw is a significantly lower-dust alternative to conventional straw.

  • dust free
  • easily composible
  • very fine
  • shortly cut
  • very absorbent


  • 20 kg bale

We deliver our rapeseed straw on either European Exchange Pallets or single-use pallets. The bales are both secured with plastic wrap and covered by a plastic hood. Thanks to this brace and belt, all-weather protection, the bales can be safely stored, even outdoors.