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 » We always recommend our customers use only high-quality and especially pure beddings, which is exactly what PEER-SPAN wood shavings provide. «

Dr. Jahn, Bargteheide Horse Clinic, Germany

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Linen Bedding

Linen straw is a natural bedding made from flax, a renewable resource. Special growing techniques allow for a completely pesticide-free product. We clean our linen straw multiple times, de-root and thoroughly dedust it using our special process. Since the bedding absorbs ammonium, it helps improve the overall stable climate, preventing dust allergies and mucosa irritations.Since you do not need as much bedding, waste is decreased by 75%, in addition to being entirely bio-degradable. Linen straw can absorb up to five times its own weight.

  • extremely absorbent and ammonium-binding
  • natural and environmentally friendly
  • highly flame resistant
  • economical, because it saves time and less is needed


  • 21 kg bale / 24 bales per europallet