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 » We always recommend our customers use only high-quality and especially pure beddings, which is exactly what PEER-SPAN wood shavings provide. «

Dr. Jahn, Bargteheide Horse Clinic, Germany

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Warm, Cheap, Value For Money.

We at Peer-Span would like to introduce to our customers to another quality wood product from our range, Peer-Span's Wood Heating Pellets.

Compared to coal, gas and oil, wood pellets are a fire fuel alternative which present many economic and and ecological advantages. Aside from being independent of the oil and gas industry and additional taxes, it is produced from renewable material, is free of chemicals, and releases approx. 5 Kilo Watts of energy per Kg.

Pressed from dried wood shavings and saw dust, each pellet is made according to production standards of approx. 4-10mm in diameter and 10-45mm in length. The pellets then under-go a high pressure treatment rather then the use of binding chemicals.

  • High Energy Content
  • Chemical Free
  • Made from Natural, Renewable materials.


German Production

Heating Pellets 50 x 15kg Standard 6mm / European Exchange Pallet (750kg)


Swedish Production

Heating Pellets
52 x 16kg Standard 6mm / (one way) pallet (832kg)
52 x 16kg Standard 8mm / (one way) pallet (832kg)


For loose product quotes, or customised store purchases please contact us with enquiry.

Industrial Pellets

If you are interested in our industrial heating pellets, which are specially designed for use in big plants, we will proudly present you a quote.

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