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 » We always recommend our customers use only high-quality and especially pure beddings, which is exactly what PEER-SPAN wood shavings provide. «

Dr. Jahn, Bargteheide Horse Clinic, Germany

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Granulate bedding

For the production of Peer-Span Granulate bedding, softwood timber is dried, finely milled, then filtered for any dust particles. This method to produce Peer-Span Granulates results in a product similar to coarse saw dust. The drying process however, is what allows the wood granulates to become super absorbent, while also trapping in bacteria and neutralising PH levels in the horses waste. Peer-Span Granulates are also virtually dust free!

Some of the benefits of Peer-Span Granulate Bedding:

  • Granulates are easy to handle and maintain.

  • Offer excellent absorbency; the soakage capacity is about 350-400% of its weight.

  • Horse manure is easier to remove without great loss of bedding material.

  • Peer-Span granulates absorb ammonium, reducing odors.

  • Waste granulates are completely biodegradeable, and will break down in 3-5 months.

  • Wood granulate is usually not eaten by horses.

  • Allergy free
  • Reduces manure
  • Virtually dust free
  • Highly absorbent
  • Carefully water proofed packaging for out door storage


  • 24 x 22kg Bails / Per European Exchange Pallet


  • The weekly usage is about approx. three to four 22kg bails per 12m² stable and horse.